Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2

Key Layout




Notice: The [] Key is the Windows key on the PC and the [Command] key on the Macintosh
Red characters on the above are printed on fronts of the keys. In the case of the Black model, they're white and in the case of the Ivory model, they're black. You can use the keys by pressing the [Fn] Key.
By using the Mode/DIP Switch on back, you can use [Delete] key as [BS] key and exchange [Alt] key into [] key.

Mode/Dip Switch

The back of the Keyboard has DIP switches built-in to change key codes, Alt, Meta, and Windows Key functionality, and also enable/disable USB downstream ports settings.

DIP SW PS/2 Model USB Model
1 Not used
OFF : Downstream ports Enable
ON : Downstream ports Disable
2 Not used
OFF : = Delete
ON : = BS(BackSpace)
OFF : = Alt, = *
ON : = *, = Alt

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